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Letter of the President of the Management Board

Mirosław KowalikDear Sirs,

I invite you to read the Sustainable Development Report of the Enea Group for 2015. Already for the fifth time we do our best so that this publication would accurately reflect the impact of our social, environmental and economic influence and that it would be interesting for you.

Enea is one of the largest groups of raw materials and energy in Poland. We are a reputable retailer, distributor and producer of electricity and heat. We are responsible for the safe delivery of energy to 2.5 million customers and our networks cover 20 percent of the country. We are also one of the largest employers. Therefore, a huge responsibility rests upon us: both for our employees, local communities, the quality of life of millions of customers and the energy security of the country.

In 2015, we continued the strategy to strengthen our role as a responsible partner of positive economic changes. We focus on the construction and development of a strong and innovative raw material and energy group. We have a full value chain - from the extraction of coal, through the energy production, until the distribution and sale. We also invest in the modernization and development of generation capacity by diversifying the sources thereof.

Our large-scale investment has also aroused much interest - we are building a modern power unit in the Kozienice Power Station. This project is important for both Polish economy and energy security. The new unit will use modern solutions in the field of environmental protection and will therefore minimize the impact of coal-fired generation on the environment. The project carried out by Enea will become an important pillar of the Polish energy security. At the same time it will be one of the most efficient facilities of its kind in the world.

Well understood partnership and communication are the basis for positive relationships within the company. Without the knowledge, skills and commitment of 15,000 employees of the Group, Enea would not be one of the top Polish companies. Therefore, the development of our employees is one of our priorities.

For years, Enea has been socially active. I am glad that we combine the activities of our Foundation as well as the involvement in valuable initiatives with such an important and unique form of assistance, which is volunteering of our employees. By supporting local communities, we affect the quality of life of our customers, employees and their relatives.

The modern world, economy, everyday life rely on electricity. The responsible approach to conducting our business contributes to sustainable and durable development of our Group while providing a better quality of life of Poles.

Mirosław Kowalik
President of the Management Board of Enea SA