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Investments completed in 2015

Within the most important investments of Enea in 2015, there are the acquisition of the company Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka the and construction of Block 11 in the Kozienice Power Station, which will significantly increase the production capacities of Enea.

In October 2015, Enea SA acquired a controlling stake of the Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka, which is the most efficient mining company in the country and the largest supplier of fuel for the key carbon sources of energy production in Kozienice Power Station.

Most of the funds were devoted to the generation. This involves the investment of Block 11 implemented according to the schedule in the Kozienice Power Station and the purchase of wind farms. The remaining funds were allocated to distribution and support  area.

Unit 11 means:

  • Europe's largest coal-fired power unit.
  • The entirely independent unit with its own infrastructure.
  • Increasing by ⅓ power of the Kozienice power station.
  • Low operating costs, low failure rate.
  • Compliance with stringent emission standards.
  • Precisely planned works carried out according to plan.

In the years 2015-2020, we plan to carry out investments in the total amount of approx. 17 billion PLN, which will be covered from our own funds and obtained debt financing. 

Selected investments planned for 2016



Retail trade

Customer Service

Wholesale trade

  • Construction of unit 11.
  • Construction of rain-industrial effluents treatment plant.
  • Modernization of the cooling water intake - the stabilizing checkdam on the Vistula River.
  • Construction of the Baczyna wind farm 14.1 MW (ended in May 2016).
  • The project of expansion of the wind farm Bardy by maximum 10 MW (project Bardy II).
  • Implementation of the program for the development of smart grid solutions (AMI).
  • Implementation of the program to improve the reliability of the network.
  • Implementation of the project Network Information System.
  • Implementation of the system of digital dispatch communication in the TETRA standard.
  • Optimization of sales channels, including the launch of e-commerce platform.
  • Development and optimization of product offerings.
  • Continuation of the marketing campaigns for clients.
  • Activation of promotional activities at sponsored events.
  • Development of analytical and operational systems for sales support.
  • Completion of the migration of customer data to the central billing system – CCSS-T, CCSS-D.
  • Launch of new electronic channels of Customer Service – e-CSC, e-Invoice for customers from the entire region.
  • Launch of new subservices for all companies of the Enea Group on the Enea Group’s website.
  • Optimization of Customer Service Centres (CSCs), visualisation of the selected CSCs.
  • Further development of Contact Centre.
  • Building Centres of Competence in Division of Support and Settlements.
  • Improvement of tools and methods for portfolio management and hedging in the framework of the full value added chain in the field of electricity, derived products and natural gas trading.
  • Development of trading systems and their integration with systems used within the Enea Group.
  • Development of a comprehensive strategy for the security of property rights portfolio of renewable energy sources for Enea CG.
  • Continuation of the project Trade and Fuels Logistics.
  • Continuation of the development of competence in the German market.