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Who are our Clients?

The quality of everyday life and energy security of millions of Poles depend on our services. More than 2 million households and more than 400 thousand companies and institutions use our energy. Enea Operator takes care of the distribution of electricity to more than 2.4 million customers in the north-western part of Poland.

Our clients include individuals and families, housing cooperatives, many institutions and organizations, municipalities and local governments as well as large and small companies, including some of the largest manufacturing companies in the country.

Main products and services

  • We provide customers from all over the country with electricity.
  • Our companies provide residents with thermal energy
  • We take care of the reliability of the energy infrastructure and continuity of supply.
  • We modernize the lighting systems of municipalities and towns, especially public buildings. 

Our priorities

In everything we do, we aim at a high level of customer satisfaction of the cooperation with us.

We implement measures to ensure the highest quality of customer service, such as simple customer service, which allows customers to benefit from fast and easily accessible channels of agreement conclusion.

To increase the comfort of using the services of Enea, we invest in innovative solutions, such as Customer Service Centre (eCSC).

Opinion of Clients

G4-PR5, G4-DMA

Over 1900 customers of Enea participated in the study. The Customer satisfaction index was similar to the result of the previous study and amounted to 67.83.

In 2015,Enea Operator participated one more time in the project: The survey of satisfaction of customers of Electricity Distribution System Operators (DSOs), which involved five main Distribution System Operators in Poland. The processes covering an electrician visit, connection to the network and support of helpline were assessed at the same level as in 2014. Lower levels of satisfaction were detected in the complaint process, which should be associated with many changes in the functioning of this area in the organization in 2015 (including organizational changes and changes in the billing system in all business areas).

Customer satisfaction surveys were also carried out by other companies, including Enea Oświetlenie, the customer satisfaction of which increased by 5% within the area of operation compared to the previous year.

We work for our Clients - examples

INVESTMENTS: We invest in the development of power plants in order to provide energy security to our customers today and in the future. For more information on Enea investments click here.

INNOVATION: Innovation and new technologies are for us the key direction of development. That is why, in 2015, we announced a contest for innovation in our industry ENERGY + !nnovation. The winning idea, possible to be implemented by us within 2-3 years, concerned the automation of inspection of high-voltage lines. It should improve the reliability and security of the functioning of the power distribution network. Winners of the contest had a total of 1 million PLN for the implementation of the idea. Unfortunately, the project, which was highly rated in the competition, was finally impossible to be implemented in practice.

COMFORT: We increase the safety and comfort of the inhabitants of many villages. We conducted among others the upgrading of the lighting of the Old Market in Poznan, where Enea Oświetlenie financed the installation of the LED light sources. This way, we increased by nearly five times the lighting of walkways and by more than seven times - the plates of the Old Market.