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We share knowledge

We are happy to share our expertise at conferences and industry meetings.

We are the host of the International Congress of Science and Industry Energi@21.

The congress was organized with success in 2015. It was attended by experts and practitioners from Poland and abroad. The next edition, which we also hosted, was held on 10-11 May 2016. During the congress, Poznan became a meeting place for the energy industry experts who discussed the challenges and the upcoming transformation of the energy sector. The discussions focused on innovation considered as the foundation of the future of the industry.

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More Light Trade fairs

More Light Trade fairs in Kołobrzeg hosted by Enea Oświetlenie are one of the important events organized by our companies. In the course of the fairs, we conducted trainings for elected representatives of local municipalities on the latest solutions of lighting of public spaces and public buildings. 

In 2015, during the fairs, we presented the web platform for communication with the municipality, which is a new channel of information exchange on the use of lighting. This tool will facilitate and improve our cooperation. We presented the latest achievements in the field of energy-efficient LED lighting dedicated to road lighting and illuminations.

The European Economic Congress

Our experts shared their knowledge of the industry at the European Economic Congress. They focused on, among others, the impact of EU climate protection policy on the competitiveness of the economy, the idea of European energy solidarity, new trends in the market, distributed energy and the role of the prosumer, the specifics of the Polish customer in the European context, the financing of investment, co-generation and directions of development of renewable energy sources.

We support innovation

We have been awarded the title of the Patron of Innovation in the INNOWATORY organized by Wprost. We were awarded for the promotion of innovation, among others for the organization of the competition ENERGY+ !nnovation as well as for the presence on the Platform for Technology Transfer linking the creators of technology with companies. 

Encouraging innovation and supporting it are an important direction of education of current and potential customers and, more broadly, the whole society. By our actions, we want to strengthen the awareness of the importance of innovation, particularly innovation in the energy sector.

We also draw attention to the role of innovation during the International Congress of Science and Industry Energi@ 21. During the congress, we awarded the prize for innovation in the competition for students entitled “Future with the energy, the energy with the future.” The winning design assumed the production of energy from hydrogen and biogas in modern dairies and was conceived by students of the University of Life Sciences in Poznan. 39 participants competed in the contest of the Polish Electricity Association and Enea.

Other channels of customers education

Our companies, through various communication channels, wish to increase customer knowledge about products, services, security of their use as well as innovation in our industry: 

  • through the local and industry press 
  • through leaflets, magazine, film footage
  • through product trainings
  • through industry trade fairs
  • through profiles such as Facebook profile “Energia +”

Enea Operator worked with the Provincial Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund in Poznan under the program KAWKA. This program concerned the improvement of air quality by, among others, providing information on how to connect solar panels or electric heating, which reduces emissions of particles and nitrogen oxides.

Among the activities of Enea Operator, spots against theft and devastation are worth mentioning. They show new investments and negative effects of vandalism and stealing of network assets. 

We warn against fraud

We are also involved in the national educational and information campaign directed at individual customers “Choose wisely. Check out who sells you the energy” warning against rogue energy suppliers who deliberately mislead customers. We warn clients against unfair practices and we encourage to carefully read all contracts proposed to them by the salesmen.

Energy Trading Association (TOE) was the organizer of the action and patronage was taken by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). Education and information campaign was supported by the biggest players on the Polish electricity market, among others: PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, TAURON Polska Energia, Enea, Grupa Energa and RWE Polska.