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Map of Enea Capital Group stakeholders

StakeholderCommunication channels
Investors, Shareholders, Analysts
  • Investor Relations Office
  • face-to-face meetings with investors i.e. road show, study tour
  • conferences
  • mobile applications
  • new website
  • current and quarterly reports
  • annual report
  • CSR report
  • employee satisfaction research
  • meetings and trainings
  • cooperation with trade members
  • intranet
  • newsletters
  • meetings and newsletters for managers
  • broadcasting system
  • employee volunteer program
  • annual report
  • CSR report
  • intelligent kiosks
  • direct contact with the Customer Service Centre and Sales Offices
  • electronic Customer Service Centre (eCSC)
  • customer hotline (Contact Centre)
  • Enea Purchasing Zone
  • customer satisfaction research
  • new website
  • platform
  • profile “Energia +” on Facebook
  • Web platform for communication with municipalities
  • print on invoices, invoices inserts
  • ATL media
  • partners and caregivers of a Client
  • special events i.e. sponsored by Enea
  • advertisements in the local media: newspapers and radio
  • annual report
  • CSR report
Local authorities
  • direct meetings, participation in local events
  • representatives of Enea take an active part in the working group appointed  by the governor of Wielkopolska. Its goal is to identify the essential social needs and planning measures for their implementation
  • newsletter
  • websites, including new website
  • conferences
  • CSR report
Local communities, public opinion
  • direct meetings and cooperation with representatives of the local communities
  • contact and cooperation with the Enea Foundation
  • communication with local and national media
  • participation of Enea Capital Group employees in activities for the sake of local communities within  employee volunteer program
  • new website, including website tab dedicated to corporate  social responsibility,  Enea strategic goals in that respect and their implementation
  • lectures and participation in industry events and events dedicated to corporate social responsibility
  • CSR report
Non-governmental organizations, beneficiaries, social partners, scientific institutions
  • new website
  • application form for beneficiaries
  • direct contact
  • dialogue during the implementation of shared projects
  • CSR report
Contractors and suppliers
  • direct communication with dedicated people appointed for cooperation from the Group companies
  • new website
  • industry meetings, trade fairs
  • annual report
  • CSR report
Industry organizations
  • meetings
  • trade fairs
  • membership in organizations
  • participation in working groups, authorities of industry organizations
  • annual report
  • CSR report
  • press office and current communication
  • contact by the dedicated e-mail
  • new website
  • meetings with media
  • press conferences
  • CSR report
Public administration
  • reports
  • annual report
  • CSR report
  • direct communication
  • conferences
Natural environment
  • communication of environmental impact through statements and reports sent to government entities dedicated to environment protection and through the CSR Report