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Our Clients

We use services and products from hundreds of suppliers every day. From January 2015, purchasing issues have been assigned to Enea Centrum, which is an “administrative centre” of Enea. 

Our daily activities related to the production and marketing of energy could not be done without suppliers of key raw materials and transport services ensuring smooth supply of raw materials to the plant, as well as key suppliers for Enea Operator who provide high quality products needed for the modernization and maintenance of energy distribution networks.  

We constantly cooperate with domestic and foreign producers of coal, which is for us one of the most important raw materials. The main Polish suppliers include:

  • Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” - the company which joined the Enea Group in 2015
  • Katowicki Holding Węglowy
  • Jastrzębska Społka Węglowa
  • Kompania Węglowa 

Coal suppliers to Enea Wytwarzanie in 2015

Dostawcy węgla dla Enea Wytwarzanie w 2015 r.

We also work with suppliers of biomass that we use to produce energy. These are suppliers of wood chips, energy willow, sunflower husk pellets or beetroot pulp.

Suppliers are obliged to follow practices consistent with the objectives of the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Work Safety which is binding in Enea Wytwarzanie.

Furthermore, the System of Due Caution influences principles of cooperation with biomass suppliers. Issues related with principles of cooperation with suppliers are also regulated by the Code of Ethics and Code of Values.

Providers of transport services

The flow of energy production depends, inter alia, on the timely deliveries of raw materials. Such deliveries are possible through constant cooperation with transport companies.

Hard coal is delivered to the Kozienice Power Station exclusively by rail - in 2015, mainly within services of PKP Cargo. Deliveries of coal and biomass for Bialystok Power Station also depend on the rail carrier. 

Suppliers of distribution segment

From more than one thousand suppliers of products and services for distribution segment the most important categories include:

  • suppliers of electrical materials used in the construction and operation of the distribution network, producers of transformers, cables and wires, accessories for the construction of the network
  • suppliers of IT infrastructure and services related with the design of the power network
  • providers of modernization services or construction of power grids
  • software, vehicles, fuel and safety equipment providers.