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Vision and strategy

In 2015, the Corporate Strategy of the Enea Group was updated. 

Updating our strategy was associated with dynamic market and regulatory changes shaping power sector in Poland.  The mission and the vision remained unchanged. The objectives of the strategy and scope of actions implementing it were updated.


Enhacing the group’s value through building customer confidence.


Fully integrated energy group building competitive edge through flexible response to the market needs and effective management of resources.

Strategic objectives

  • Higher value for shareholders,
  • Building long-lasting relations with customers,
  • Growth in profitable areas,
  • Improving efficiency and optimal use of the organization’s potential  

Updating the Corporate Strategy of the Enea Group for the years 2014 – 2020

  • The construction of the block with a capacity of 1,075 MW in Kozienice Power Station.
  • Environmental investments enabling the continuation of the work of generation assets after 2015.
  • Development of RES.
  • Development of co-generation sources of heating networks.
  • Implementation of the program to improve reliability and reduce network failure.
  • Implementation of the program of development of smart grids.
  • Measures aimed at reducing the volume of electricity required to cover the losses in the energy balance.
  • The increase in the volume of electricity sales while increasing the margin.
  • Development of new product offerings.
  • Expansion of remote channels of customer service.
  • Securing customer loyalty.

The implementation of the challenges of the Enea Group will increase its competitive advantage:

  • Optimisation of costs.
  • Stabilization of the functioning of the Shared Service Centre.
  • Building the effective organization capable of sourcing, evaluation
  • and implementing innovation within the Enea Group.
  • Improving service processes of internal and external clients.
  • Focus on core business.
  • Restructuring non-core entities.

In the current 2015 strategy, three new elements were included:

  1. Securing fuel supplies for own generation assets - the Enea Group detains generation assets mainly based on coal. The profitability of power generation from hard coal is currently under a lot of pressure. Energy companies therefore need to adjust the purchase of coal from mining assets in order to reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness of production based on coal.
  2. Innovation - Implementation of innovation and new technologies is one of the main factors affecting the competitiveness of companies on the market. Innovative activities of the Enea Group are strongly oriented to customers’ needs and improving the internal efficiency of the organization. The group, as a beneficiary of implemented innovations, will build competitiveness and improve operational efficiency. 
  3. Extended staff policy of the Enea Group - It will ensure the implementation of the objectives and tasks of the Enea Group and at the same time satisfy the ambitions and aspirations of the employees. In terms of human resource management we will focus on increasing efficiency of work through the formulation and implementation of policy of management of performance and pay for performance as well as management of competence, expertise and employee development.

In 2016, the work began on the new corporate strategy.