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Health and safety

Due to the nature of our business, we pay special attention to health and safety. We operate in accordance with external regulations, such as laws and regulations relating to health and safety, but we also have our internal guidelines, eg. “Guidelines regarding evaluation and documentation of occupational risk.”

Important documents and regulations relating to safety and health at work:

Work regulationsInstructions for example of a station, of operation
Training programs Safety procedures
PN-N-18002:2011 – health and safety management system Rules related to operational activities
Occupational risk assessment Labour regulations, eg. work under tension

Each company in our Group manages occupational health and safety issues separately. Dedicated specialists who usually work in specially established for that purpose departments are responsible for those issues, eg.:

  • within Enea Centrum, Safety Department is the key organizational unit the composition of which includes specialists for safety and safety coordinator,
  • within Enea Serwis, this is Central Processing Unit of Health and Safety Service,
  • within Enea Oświetlenie, it is the Labour Protection Office in which Senior OHS Inspector supported by OHS Specialist are employed,
  • within the hospital ENERGETYK, these are the Head of Technical and Administrative Unit and a Senior Clerk for Administration / OHS Inspector,
  • in MEC Piła, Company’s Social Labour Inspectors operate.

OHS actions and initiatives

Our activities in the field of health and safety result primarily from the requirements of applicable law. In addition, we also have a number of our own initiatives.

The most important are:

  • hazards identification and occupational risk assessment,
  • monitoring of working conditions,
  • corrective and preventive actions in the health and safety area,
  • health and safety trainings,
  • internal communication in the health and safety area,
  • identification and implementation of legal requirements and other external, health and safety, requirements (Labour Code and Rules of Procedure).

From trainings to competitions, our health and safety initiatives

Scale and number of our actions taken in 2015 clearly shows that safety and health of our employees  is of particular importance to us.

  • Workplaces: attention to ergonomic workplaces, renovations, freshening up individual workplaces, inspections and maintenance jobs (hospital ENERGETYK), analysis of the health of workers removing asbestos and cement insulation on the heating network (PEC Zachod)
  • Equipment: purchase of four AEDs for Szczecin, Zielona Gora, Poznan, Gorzow Wielkopolski. (Enea Centrum), the current control of the technical condition of all equipment, fire inspection (installation of fire alarm in the office), checking of the insulation of equipment and wiring, replacement of lighting in indoor workplaces to the lighting similar to daylight (PEC Oborniki), issuance of repellents to employees during the period of increased activity of insects;
  • Control:  verification of equipment technical condition, measuring of the fire protection effectiveness and equipment insulation (Szpital Uzdrowiskowy ENERGETYK), verification of first-aid kits (Enea Serwis), current analysis of entries in the “Central Register of Discrepancies” placed by employees of Enea Wytwarzanie
  • Development of instructions and analysis of the legal changes: use, continuous verification and the current update of the Instructions for Organization of Safe Work in all segments of Enea Wytwarzanie, distribution among employees of articles from the press about the safety discussing the causes and consequences of accidents at work and safety of the work (Enea Logistyka), development and implementation of work and safety instructions: the use of fork-lift truck, manual transport handling, the warehouse, the use of a movable loading platform on the vehicle (Enea Pomiary)
  • Trainings: initial and periodic health and safety trainings, organization of and participation in trainings in the field of first aid for workers, raising the qualifications of employees through participation in trainings in occupational risk assessment,
  • Test evacuation: eg. in Enea Centrum in the facility in Poznan at Dziadoszanska Street
  • Conferences, actions and competitions: the organization in the entire Enea Group of the annual contest of Energy Knowledge “1 of 10,000” of Paweł Balcerowski - 2015 edition, Conference of Live Working (3-4 September 2015)  

Total number of injuries and injury rate in 2015

CompanyNumber of injuries Injury frequency rate*
Enea SA 0 0
Enea Wytwarzanie  8 3.5
MEC Piła 2 15.38
PEC Oborniki 0 0
MPEC Białystok 2 5.05
PEC Zachód 1 7.52
Enea Operator 20 4.79
Enea Trading  0 0
Enea Centrum 4 3.02
Enea Serwis  7 12.59
Enea Logistyka  2 11.56
Enea Oświetlenie 2 15.75
Enea Pomiary 0 0
Szpital Uzdrowiskowy ENERGETYK 0 0

Employees health

We encourage our employees to lead active lives through a series of initiatives to promote health. There are the following:

  • actions promoting preventing testing organized by the company clinic
  • preventive actions for employees and their family members, eg. human influenza vaccine, the study of tumour markers
  • possibility to go to the health resort “Energetyk” in Inowrocław
  • rental of a sports hall for trainings of a football team
  • employee participation in amateur football league, participation in tournaments, amateur races and events sponsored by Enea.