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G4 - DMA

The processes of energy production and distribution are related to the effects on the environment. The effectiveness of both the monitoring of the impact on the environment and the implemented solutions minimizing our impact on natural resources translates onto ecosystems, but also onto the future of our business. The expectations of regulators, customers and the social environment towards our industry continue to grow.

Therefore, we include in our activities a variety of programs and initiatives related to the management and minimization of environmental impact. We are guided by a number of regulations, we undertake a number of voluntary commitments.

Environmental protection in the management system 

G4 - 14

In 2015, environmental issues are among the priorities of Corporate Strategy of the Enea Group for the years 2014-2020.
The objectives of the strategy include:

  • Environmental investments which allow a continuation of the work of generation assets after 2015;
  • The development of renewable energy sources (RES);
  • The development of co-generation sources and heat networks.

Strategic objectives translate into comprehensive management systems and investment projects. They affect also the daily activities of each of our employees. This is emphasized by guidelines contained in the “Code of Ethics of ENEA Capital Group”. 

Key principles in the Enea Capital Group

Care for the environment. We try to take all possible measures to ensure the environmental protection no matter where and how we work.

  • We care about the environment, regardless of the location and type of work.
  • In our daily work we adhere diligently to internal regulations of the Enea Group as well as laws on environmental protection.
  • We engage in the activities and participate in educational campaigns on environmental protection.

The high quality of processes related to environmental protection is guaranteed by the implemented Policy of Integrated Quality Management, Environmental and Safety System. It is consistent with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005, PN-N-18001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, within generation and trade of electricity, generation and distribution of heat. It sets out, among others, objectives and responsibilities of environmental protection in the Kozienice Power Station, CHP Bialystok and other entities producing energy within Enea Wytwarzanie.

Click to view a list of instructions and procedures that guide the Enea Wytwarzanie in the monitoring of environmental impact. 

Key investments

In 2015, we conducted investments important for the environment. These include, inter alia:

  • Launch of the flue gas desulphurization installations (FGD IV) in Kozienice - from 1 January 2016 all exhaust fumes have been desulphurised
  • Construction of installations of catalytic reduction of NOx (SCR) for boilers K7 and K8 in CHP Białystok
  • Installation of heat recovery from the exhaust gases of the biomass boiler in CHP Bialystok
  • The construction of gas co-generation unit in MEC Pila 

Financial expenditures for reduction of emissions of SO2, NOx and dust to the air during 2009-2015 in Kozienice Power Plant [PLN mln]

Our biggest investment - the construction of power unit No. 11 in Kozienice Power Station - it uses the most modern installations related to the protection of the environment during energy production. 

Watch the film of Discovery Channel on Kozienice Power Station and check if the energy from coal can be environmentally friendly: 

Our most important investments initiated or continued in 2016:

No fines were imposed on us for non-compliance with laws and regulations relating to environmental protection in 2015.