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We use renewable energy sources (RES for short) in the form of combustion and co-combustion of biomass, hydropower, wind farms and biogas plants. 

Power generating capacity of the Enea Group

  • Total installed RES capacity: 134.31 MW
  • Amount of energy generated from RES in Enea Wytwarzanie: 303,838.813 MWh
  • Amount of energy generated from co-generation in Enea Wytwarzanie: 523,488.352 MWh

The generation by the Enea Group of electricity (net) from renewable energy sources [GWh] 

Co-firing of biomass   476 255
  Change [%]   -46.4%
Combustion of biomass   294 309
  Change [%]   5.10%
Hydropower plants   115.5 109
  Change [%]   -3.50%
Wind farms   154.66 162
  Change [%]   14.90%
Biogas power plants   10.464 14
  Change [%]   55.60%

The most important initiatives in the RES area

We invest in renewable energy sources (RES). 

Existing and planned capital expenditures of Enea in renewable energy  

Capital expenditures in RES 13.1 million PLN 94.3 million PLN 298.8 million PLN

These amounts were spent in 2015 primarily on the development of new energy sources in the areas of wind energy and photovoltaics as well as modernization of hydroelectric power and biogas.

In 2015, within the RES segment, we conducted intensive activities in the area of acquisition of wind projects. On August 7, 2015, we entered into a preliminary agreement to purchase a 100% stake in the company which is building a wind farm with a capacity of 36 MW.

In 2015, we conducted the investment of a wind farm with a capacity of 14.1 MW in Lubno next to Gorzow Wielkopolski. We also continue the work on a pilot project to build a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 1 MW in Jastrowie.