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Support and benefits

Our employees have the opportunity to enjoy additional privileges and benefits. Additional benefits vary depending on the company and are the result of the employees needs and the company’s possibilities.

Support of employees

  • Employee Pension
  • Employee Investment Program for Executives
  • Housing loans
  • Repayable or non-repayable grants
  • Funding for recreation of employee and children and group tours
  • Support for cultural and educational activities and sports (the purchase of tickets to cinemas, theaters, sports events)
  • Buying Christmas and New Year packages for children under 15
  • Funding child care in nurseries and kindergartens
  • Funding collective catering

Preventive care

  • Additional heath provision - providing employees with medical care in the field of occupational medicine as well as - depending on the entity providing the service - additional medical services, the cost of which is paid by the employer
  • Preventive actions for employees and their family members, eg. flu vaccine, the study of tumor markers

Cheaper electricity

  • The right to a reduced payment for electricity after having worked for one year in ENEA Group
  • The right to a reduced payment for electricity - financing payment for electricity used for household needs in the amount not exceeding 3000 kWh