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Calendar of 2015


  • Launch of the first phase of implementation of the new SAP system in four companies of the Group: Enea SA, Enea Operator, Enea Centrum and Enea Trading.


  • Reception of an eco-system in CHP Białystok - the first investment on such a scale in Poland. The heat recovery system recovers heat from the exhaust gases from biomass combustion. The system allows to produce an additional 385,000 GJ of heat per year without additional input of fuel.


  • The shares of Enea SA entered the main indices of the Warsaw Stock Exchange: WIG20 and WIG20TR. According to the decision of the WSE authorities, Enea is one of the most important Polish companies. The WIG20 index is a key indicator of the economic situation, as well as the main index and the underlying for futures and options.
  • Enea SA acquired 1 billion PLN through the first issue of bonds under the program with a total value of 5 billion PLN. Securities were issued as bearer bonds with five-year maturity.
  • The Enea Group simplifies and optimizes its structure. The key companies of the Group were renamed: Enea Oświetlenie (previously Eneos), Enea Pomiary (previously Energomiar), Enea Logistyka (previously BHU) and Enea Serwis (previously Energobud Leszno). All companies, except for the distribution company, use the same logo.
  • Launch of a new website The site was refreshed in order to response to the expectations of Customers. According to the research conducted by TNS OBOP, customers expect the online support as well as wider range of products and services possible to purchase on mobile devices.


  • The construction of Block 11 in Kozienice was awarded during a gala of Energy World Leader. The jury awarded the project for innovation and sustainable solutions, thanks to which the production will take place at much lower consumption of coal and reduction of emissions.
  • The company Energo-Tour was put into liquidation. The decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is consistent with the corporate strategy of Enea, which involves focusing on the Group's core business.
  • On April 15, Enea, KGHM Polska Miedz and Tauron Polska Energia acquired from PGE 10% stake each in PGE EJ 1 - special purpose entity, which will act as the operator of the first Polish nuclear power plant. PGE EJ 1 is responsible for the preparation and implementation of investment involving the construction and operation of a power plant with a capacity of 3,000 MWe.
  • On April 27, Fitch Ratings maintained the company's long-term ratings in foreign and local currency at “BBB” and national long-term rating at “A (pol)” with a stable outlook. On October 29, Fitch Ratings affirmed the ratings of Enea in connection with the acquisition of LW Bogdanka.
  • Enea launched a product for individual customers: ENERGY + Health. Along with the guaranteed fixed rates for electricity, customers will gain the right to use an affiliate program for medical services provided by LUX MED.


  • Enea began to operate in May on the German electricity wholesale market. Thanks to a specialized company Enea Trading is present on both the SPOT market - EPEX SPOT (European Power Exchange), as well as on the futures market - EEX (European Energy Exchange).
  • On May 29, the European Investment Bank granted a loan to Enea in the amount of 946 million PLN for the modernization and expansion of power grids in north-western Poland. The investment program of Enea implemented in the period 2015-2017 will contribute to the increase in the competitiveness and security of distribution in this part of the country.
  • Enea Oświetlenie organized another edition of the fair “More light” in Kolobrzeg. This annual meeting of the industry, during which leading manufacturers present the latest technological solutions in the field of road and decorative lighting.
  • Enea was a strategic partner of the contest ENERGY + !nnovation. The participants' task was to propose the most innovative idea, which will be ultimately applied in the Enea Group. Enea Logistyka signed an affiliation agreement with the purchasing group Elektro-Holding of Wielun. It specifies the conditions for future cooperation in the field of trade in the electrical and technical industry. Thanks to it Enea Logistyka gained additional potential and a chance of development.


  • Enea Operator linked to the network one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in Poland. The farm with a capacity of 1.45 M covers an area of about one hectare. It is made up of more than six thousand panels. The new plant can produce annually the energy worth up to 400 thousand PLN and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is estimated to be 1300 tonnes per year.
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Zachod began operations within the Group as a subsidiary of Enea Wytwarzanie PEC Zachod provides services to, among others, the heat segment in the operation and construction of the district heating network and service belonging to MPEC Cieplownia Zachod.


  • Enea and Tauron Group signed a letter of intent regarding possible cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources. It envisages the establishment of working groups the task of which will be to determine details.
  • Best Service and Pride of the Region - these are the categories of the Wielkopolska edition of the economic rating “Proud of You”, in which Enea won. The idea of a plebiscite is to integrate the business as well as establish and strengthen economic relations. The competition awards the best companies for their contribution to the development of the region. The contest was organized by the magazine Regions' Business.


  • On August 11, Enea paid a dividend from the profit for 2014 in the amount of 0.47 per share. The dividend yield was 3.2%.
  • Enea Oświetlenie completed the construction of four photovoltaic power plants in Szczecin. Photovoltaic panels were installed on four public buildings. The installations were designed so that the produced energy was used for the buildings’ own needs. The initiative in Szczecin was to develop and increase the use of solar energy in urban units.
  • Enea Wytwarzanie signed a conditional agreement to purchase 100% of the shares in the company that runs the construction of a wind farm with a capacity of 36 MW. The farm located in the central Poland will consist of 12 wind turbines - each with a capacity of 3 MW. Enea Wytwarzanie will become a single shareholder in the company after the formal commissioning of investment.


  • On September 18. the company Centralny System Wymiany Informacji (Central Information Exchange System) was established, which aims to implement a uniform standard for the exchange of information between the participants of the retail electricity market.
  • On September 29, the new company Enea Innovation was established with the objective to carry out activities aimed at implementation of the Corporate Strategy of the Enea Group determining crucial interest of the group in the field of innovation.
  • At the beginning of September in Lagow (Lubuskie Province), the conference “Live Working” took place organized by Enea Operator. It summarized the completed five-year project promoting, implementing and disseminating the live working. The meeting was also an opportunity to summarize the four editions of the competition for the best installation electrician brigade working without interrupting the supply of electricity.
  • The reconstruction of high-voltage lines Międzychod-Sierakow ended. On September 22, the ceremony of its connection to the network was held. The modernized line will significantly affect the improvement of energy security in the provinces of Lubuskie and Wielkopolska. Enea Operator allocated 13.5 million PLN of its modernization.


  • On October 29, Enea became the owner of a total of 66% of the shares of LW Bogdanka, taking the operational control over the most effective Polish mine. Co-creation of a modern fuel and energy company guaranteed Bogdanka stable future whereas Enea ensured a safe supply of fuel at a competitive price.
  • Enea launched a new online sales channel. Individual customers of Enea can already conclude agreements on the Internet with a guaranteed fixed price for energy and additional benefits such as ENERGY + Health, ENERGY + Fixed price and ENERGY + Savings.  


  • Enea signed a letter of intent with Poznan University of Technology, which opens the way to joint looking for innovative projects and business cooperation with the scientific community.
  • Enea Oświetlenie finished the upgrading of the lighting of the Old Market in Poznan financed by the funds of the company. Modern LED lighting replaced the sodium lamps in 32 lampposts. The neutral white colour light illuminates almost five times more walkways and more than seven times the plates of the Old Town. The modernization will improve not only the quality of lighting, but also the safety of residents and tourists.



  • The company Hotel Edison in Baranow was sold. The decision to exclude the Hotel Edison from the Group was a natural consequence of limiting involvement in projects not related to the core business of the Group.
  • The Management Committee approved on December 18 the material and financial plan for 2016, including the Investment Plan for the years 2016 and 2017 for Enea Operator. Enea Operator plans to carry out investments in the amount of 841 million PLN in 2016 and 949 million PLN in 2017.
  • Mirosław Kowalik became the new president of Enea. Miroslaw Kowalik is a manager with wide experience in the energy sector.  Previously, he served as Vice President and Director for Business Development at SNC-Lavalin Poland. For many years he was Director of Sales and Marketing at Alstom Power in Poland.